Speech Pathology Services
Services can be provided at the clinic, in school or at home, based on need and availability.

Comprehensive diagnostic assessment of speech, language and/or literacy.

Individualised and tailored intervention for speech, language, stuttering and literacy delays/disorders.

Language and social skills group programs (max 6 participants).

Services for People with Hearing Loss

HearSay Speech Pathology can provide listening and spoken language intervention for people with a hearing loss of all ages, from birth to adults.  Tracy Hopkins is a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and has 16 years’ experience in teaching spoken communication. She can provide Auditory-Verbal Therapy and auditory skills training to children and adults, improving spoken language outcomes for children and improving listening abilities for adults. Cochlear implant habilitation is also available. 

Auditory-Verbal Therapy for children and adolescents with a hearing loss (tele-intervention option available for rural, remote and international families).

Cochlear implant habilitation and auditory skills training for adults.

Sharing knowledge, building success.

Work together, talk together, achieve together. 

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