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Speech Pathology Services
Services can be provided in school or at home, based on need and availability.

Comprehensive diagnostic assessment of speech, language and/or literacy.


Individualised and tailored intervention for speech, language and literacy delays/disorders.


Auditory-Verbal Therapy for children with a hearing loss (tele-intervention option available for rural, remote and international families).

Services for People with Hearing Loss

HearSay Speech Pathology can provide listening and spoken language intervention for people with a hearing loss of all ages, from birth to adults.  Tracy Hopkins is a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and has over 20 years’ experience in teaching spoken communication. She can provide Auditory-Verbal Therapy and auditory skills training to children and adults, improving spoken language outcomes for children and improving listening abilities for adults. Cochlear implant habilitation is also available. 

Cochlear implant habilitation and auditory skills training for adults.

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