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Are you concerned about your child's speech, comprehension or reading?


We can offer you peace of mind by doing a thorough diagnostic assessment of speech, language and literacy that will evaluate your child’s skills in comparison to other children of the same age.


The assessment will identify skills your child has acquired as well as areas that might need some additional support. Intervention plans (if required) are then individualised to target only the areas of need for your child.

At HearSay, speech pathology intervention for younger children is play-based and fun.  The speech pathologist will use engaging games and activities that children actually want to do, while still teaching important communication skills and supporting parents in gaining the knowledge and skills they need to help their child.


For older children, the speech pathologist will work with teachers and the school to incorporate school-based themes and activities in intervention.  This ensures that the skills developed are directly applicable and useful to their education and the school environment.


Having a child with a disability can bring its own unique challenges to a family.  Often it is difficult to juggle all the appointments if you are seeing more than one professional and sometimes the advice is conflicting.  At HearSay, we understand the importance of working as a team and having a cohesive intervention plan where everyone is working towards the same, family-selected goals.  We work closely with OT’s and counsellors and can organise joint sessions with other organisations where appropriate.

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Whatever your child’s individual communication needs are, HearSay Speech Pathology will work with you to address them.  Working together, we can build skills and confidence so your child is the 

best communicator they can be.

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